Our Vision

Accelerating possibilities.


AMERICA INNOVATES is an ecosystem of impact investors, social entrepreneurs and change-makers dedicated to accelerating innovation and social impact in cities across America. 

In a country where almost half of the workforce is increasingly freelance, job security is non-existent and technology continues to iterate faster than the ability of many in underserved areas to adapt.

Meanwhile, in cities with emerging and expanding tech ecosystems, high startup growth is leading to "gentrification" that displaces those in the local community. 

It doesn't have to be this way. AMERICA INNOVATES is dedicated to creating ongoing conversations between the tech, real estate and public policy sectors that result in transformation that is inclusive of the local community. 

Accelerating possibilities requires the cross pollination of ideas and expertise. The AMERICA INNOVATES advisory network will be a resource for local government, companies, investors and entrepreneurs who seek insight and expertise on social impact initiatives. 

What's possible when innovation is inclusive of everyone. 

What's possible when innovation is inclusive of everyone.